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Promotional Site for Smart Trip Map

All of the major features on Smart Trip Map are covered on this promotional site for the Smart Trip Maps line. The site provides promotional videos and screenshots on multiple device sizes. Google Maps App

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Fishing Smart Trip Map

Current and Upcoming Conditions

This Google map based web application brings all the resources that I want as a fisherman into one website. Instead of going to four or five different websites to check out weather forecasts, current weather conditions, stream flows, tide charts, moon phase, and hatch charts to determine where conditions are going to be best for my next fishing trip, I simply go to Fishing Smart Trip Map!

Trip Planner

Once I've figured out where I'm going to go on my next trip, I simply create a Trip and set markers on my map as my origin and destinations. As a logged in user, all my markers and notes are saved, so it's simply a matter of clicking a button to add markers as Trip Waypoints. The trip waypoints enable getting driving directions.

Establishment Search

Depending on where I'm going, I may need a hotel, campground, local fly shop, restaurants, etc. With my map centered and zoomed into the place I'm making my home base, I simply go to the Trip Planner tab and search for an establishment such as "fly shop". This produces a list of all the nearby fly shops sorted from nearest to farthest, and populates my map with numerical markers corresponding to each one. I can click on a marker to get the address, phone number, and even a link to the establishment's Google+ page with more information and customer reviews.

Hatch Charts

In the Trip Planner, Hatch Charts tab you will find a filterable list of U.S. rivers. Clicking on one will bring up a hatch chart for that river. These are not your run of the mill hatch charts, either! Each chart includes a link that will center your map on the location of the river and a link that will load a stream flow gauge for that river. The coolest feature, however, is that each insect's latin name is a link that will load an image viewer allowing you to browse photos of the actual insect.

Fishing Journal / Fishing Log

Two options are provided for keeping a fishing journal, the QuickJournal Fishing Log, and the Online Journal Page.

The QuickJournal functions as your log to track fish you've caught, where they were caught, and what the conditions were at that time. This, of course, is the invaluable record that all of us avid fishermen rely upon to fine tune our fishing in various locations in all of the varying seasonal conditions we encounter.

The Online Journal Page provides a blog-style rich editor where you can write up the stories of your fishing trips and include photos of all those hogs you caught, the scenery, etc.

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Jasmine Test Utilities Library

This library enables running non-trivial tests using an iFrame. The library solves the 'fixtures' problem, i.e. fixtures in Jasmine are a fixed-in-time representation of a UI or UI control, and can produce false positives when the dynamic UI elements have changed.

The library provides a means of addressing numerous issues, e.g. properly traversing the test vs. iframe namespace, handling async script loading, async event handling, etc.

The source code, tests, and complete documentation can be found here on Github.

The Nuget package for JsTestUtilities can be found here on

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Simple JSON Template

Client-side (javascript) view engine for rendering JSON as HTML with Spark-like markup.

You can get the latest code for simpleJsonTemplate on Github.

The simpleJsonTemplate provides simple client-side rendering of JSON data via JavaScript and jQuery.

Template syntax is spark-like. You simply write HTML and add tokens and attributes. Supported tokens and attributes are minimal, as the whole idea is to observe the YAGNI principle.

Complete documentation is available on Github.

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Simple JSON Tree

jQuery Extension renders JSON object structures as a tree control with icons for objects, properties and arrays.

You can get the latest code for simpleJsonTree on Github.

The simpleJsonTree is a jQuery extension that provides simple client-side rendering of JSON data as a hierarchical tree control.

SimpleJsonTree provides a single jQuery extension method:

jsonTree(data) data: the JSON data to render in the target element.

Usage is simple. Target an ID'd element on your page and make the jquery extension call:


Complete documentation is available on Github.

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Fishing Smart Trip Map weather feature

Simple JSON Tree