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This domain was initially registered on August 22, 2000, to provide a domain to stage volunteer website development that was being provided to a small client list, as well as to host proof of concept work. In the years following, this has simply become the private domain of the owner, Jim Speaker, and continues to be a staging environment for POC and pet projects.

Smart Trip Maps, LLC

Founded in March of 2012, Smart Trip Maps' mission is to provide user friendly, cutting edge tools for outdoor enthusiasts.

Smart Trip Maps' first offering is a free Google Map based application that provides all the resources avid fishermen need: Fishing Smart Trip Map. Users can create markers, add notes to the markers, get weather conditions, moon phase, weather forecasts, stream flow gauges, tide charts, plan trips, maintain a fishing log, create fishing journal pages, and much more. When run in a smart phone web browser, this GPS-enabled application looks and behaves like an app without any need to download and install.

The Owner

Jim Speaker began his career, if you could call it that at the time, by transitioning from being a rock climbing bum to being a guy with one child by marriage, another on the way, and a dream: to publish Spokane Rock Climbs. The book was written, photographed, designed and laid out by the owner while learning the intricacies of Freehand, Photoshop and Quark XPress. This all-photographic guide to rock climbing in the Spokane, Washington area was self-published in 1996 by Jim Speaker dba Stone Publishing.

During the production of the book and following, a small graphic design and print publishing client list was established in the Spokane area. Soon after, with the advent of the internet as something that was actually known to the general public, clients began asking for website work. Having significant prior computing and BASIC programming skills from youth, diving into HTML and JavaScript came easily. This quickly led into Classic ASP, SQL and CSS. Dropping the business and deciding to opt for stable paychecks and benefits, Jim worked a couple of great Microsoft contracts, was an Associate Consultant for several years at Fujitsu Consulting, and Software Development Lead at WaMu on WaMu.com online banking for seven years. After the implosion of Washington Mutual Bank and its acquisition by Chase Bank, he moved on to take on a Senior Software Developer role at Twisted Pair Solutions. From 2010 to 2015 Jim took on a Senior Software Engineer position at Getty Images where he enjoyed Kanban (agile) methodology writing test-driven C# in .NET Framework 4.0, MVC 4, Ajax, SQL, WCF, LINQ, jQuery, JSON, etc. After spending about a year working on the Thinkstock website, and about another year building out the WireImage and FilmMagic websites, Jim built out features on the Getty Images Connect API. During the last year at Getty Images, Jim played a key role in developing the Getty Images Embed functionality in Google's GO (golang) hosted on AWS.

In November of 2014, Jim was hired as the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of CLEAR Financial Technologies, Inc. He built the current multi-lingual, and fully globalized front-end and middle-tier of the CLEAR website from the ground up, leveraging the extremely powerful database schema developed by the CEO and President, Samuel (Sy) Berger. In addition to doing what he does best, he has served on the Board of Directors and worked closely with the CEO on strategy and systems architecture.

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